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Adding a New Product

Note: There are 2 options to save your work while Adding a New Product. Draft allows you to save what has been completed (and it's suggested that you click Draft as you add your product information). Submit should only be clicked when your Product is ready for review. Once a Product is submitted, it can take up to 72 hours to be reviewed. You will only receive an email if the product is not approved for any reason.

To start, let's make sure you have the correct graphics, final product for upload, etc for your Product page. Digital Assets Requirements is the place to go to get all of the up-to-date info.

Now that you have your digital assets in order, let's get started. First, make sure you are logged into your Store Manager Dashboard.

  • Click on Products
  • Then Add New
    • Note: You can click Add New when hovering over Products or in the top right corner of the Products tab.

Add Product - Left Column

  • Dropdown will be Simple Product
  • Checkmark Downloadable
    • Downloadable must be checked to be able to upload product.
    • Note: Virtual will only show for Plus & Pro Store Owners. Use this only when the product is also a custom product.
  • Product Title
    • Use an SEO friendly title. The clearer the title, the easier it is for your customers to find.
  • Price/Sale Price
    • List price for product
    • Sale Price, as applicable. Click schedule to have the ability to schedule your sale price availability.
  • Short Description
    • Give a brief description of what customers will be receiving with their purchase. Please keep this brief.
  • Description
    • Give a detailed description of what customers will be receiving with their purchase.

Add Product - Right Column

  • Click on the large image icon to upload your Product Listing Image. This is the one that will be displayed everywhere.
    • Click on the small image icon to add an additional product image.
    • Click on the small + (plus sign) to add additional images, up to 5.
    • Review Digital Asset Requirements for additional image requirements.
  • Categories
    • Choose the categories that correspond with the product.
    • Choosing multiple categories is acceptable.
  • Tags
    • Tags help your product get found on Direct Creatives and in online search results.
    • Add tags that help explain your product.
    • Click on Choose from the most used tags to see ideas and choose from other popular tags.
  • Catalog Visibility
    • Leave at the default setting

Add Product - Bottom Section

  • Inventory
    • Leave at defaults
  • Downloadable
    • Name: Product Title
    • File: Upload Compressed (zipped) folder with final product files
    • Dropdowns: Leave at default
  • Tax
    • Leave at defaults
  • Attributes
    • Not used at this time
  • Linked
    • Up-sells: Link to a product you believe the customer may prefer instead
    • Cross-sells: Link to products you believe customer will want in addition to current product
  • SEO
    • Enter focus keyword(s) comma separated: Keywords should appear in Product Title & Description
    • Meta Description: This appears in online search results
  • Add-ons
    • Not used at this time
  • Product Policies
    • These should already be prefilled from your Store Policies (you can see more about that at Setting Up a Storefront).
  • Advanced
    • Enable Reviews: Make sure it is checkmarked
    • Menu Order: Not used at this time
    • Purchase Note: Not used at this time

Submitting a Product for Review

Once all Product information has been updated, it's time to submit it for Review. After clicking the SUBMIT button, the Direct Creatives team will be notified. Products are reviewed within 48 hours of submission. If Product is approved, you will not be notified. If Product is rejected, an email will be sent with specifics as to why. You will be able to edit the Product and resubmit.

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