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Digital Asset Requirements

You've got assets, we've got requirements.

Find all the information you need about graphics and digital assets below.

Storefront Graphics

  • Store Icon (profile photo): 250x250px
    • Business logo is recommended in place of a personal photo.
  • Store Banner: 1300x375px 
  • SEO Facebook Image: 1200x628px

Product Listing Images

  • First/cover image must be square
  • 800x800px PNG files
  • Maximum of 5 images per product

Downloadable Product Files Requirements

  • This is the FINAL PRODUCT file.
    • Note: It is strongly recommended to include a license agreement/terms with each of your products. Direct Creatives does not dictate the end-user agreement.
  • Must be uploaded as Compressed (zipped) Folders.
    • To create a Compressed (zipped) folder:
      • PC users: Right-click on the file>Send to>Compressed (zipped) folder. You can then add all items to the same folder.
      • Mac users: Right-click on the file>Compress Items.

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