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Digital Asset Requirements

You've got assets, we've got requirements.

Find all the information you need about graphics and digital assets below.

Storefront Graphics

  • Store Logo: 125x125
    • Business logo is recommended in lieu of a personal photo.
  • Store Banner: 1650x350
  • Mobile Banner: 520x150
  • Store List Banner: 375x320
    • Note: If no Mobile Banner or Store List Banner are used, it will default to the Store Banner. In that case, please make sure all pertinent information is centered on the Store Banner to ensure proper viewing in any instance.

Product Listing Images

  • 600x600 PNG files
  • Maximum of 5 images per product.
  • Pinnable Image: First image available will be pinned to Pinterest.

Downloadable Product Files Requirements

  • This is the FINAL PRODUCT file.
    • Note: It is strongly recommended to include a license agreement with each of your products. Direct Creatives does not dictate the end user agreement.
  • Must be uploaded as Compressed (zipped) Folders.
    • To create a Compressed (zipped) folder:
      • PC users: Right click on the file>Send to>Compressed (zipped) folder. You can then add all items to the same folder.
      • Mac users: Right click on the file>Compress Items.

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