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Overview of Store Manager Dashboard

How to access your Store Manager Dashboard:

Click on the Store Manager icon or click here to login.
Once logged in, you will automatically be taken to the Store Manager Dashboard.

Home: Get a quick overview of sales and stats for your Store.

Products: View and manage the products you have listed in your Store. This is also where you add new products. You can sort & download reports, too.

Settings: This is where you will set up your Storefront.

Media: View and manage graphics, photos, zip files that you have uploaded to your Storefront and Products. It is recommended that you delete any items that are no longer in use.

Appointments (Pro Plans Only): Create, view, and manage appointments here.

Orders: Review product orders purchased from your Store. You can sort and download report files, too.

Payments: View Payments received through Stripe Split Pay.

Reports: View sales reports here.

Coupons: Create, view, and manage your Store coupons.

Reviews: View & manage customer reviews.

Refund: Issue refunds and view refunded transaction history.

Ledger Book: Shows all credits & debits (payments to you through Stripe) to your Storefront.

Support: Customer communication with your Store. 

Logout: Logout of your Store Manager here.

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