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Setting Up a Storefront

Go to your Store Manager Dashboard.

Click on Settings, midway down, in the Dashboard.

Follow through the prompts below to complete your Storefront set up.

As you setup your store, it is recommended to click SAVE (bottom right corner) throughout setup to save your work as you go.


  • General Settings:
    • Store Name - Will auto-populate. You can edit it as needed.
    • Store Slug - Will auto-populate. You can edit as needed.
    • Email & phone number (if applicable)
  • Store Brand Setup
    • Upload Store Logo, Store Banner, Mobile Banner, Store List Banner
      • Find the graphics requirements in Digital Assets Requirements.
      • To help with server capacity, please remove any extra graphics you upload in Media.
    • Shop Description
      • This is the About section on your Storefront. Make sure to share a bit of personality and let others know what you are all about.
  • Store Visibility Setup
    • Store Name Position: At Header
    • Products Per Page:
      • Basic: 10
      • Plus: 25
      • Pro: up to 50


  • Please complete your address.
  • This will not be displayed on your Storefront.


    • Follow prompts through Stripe to create a Connected Account.


  • General Setup:
    • SEO Title: List store name.
    • Meta Description: The information that will show if someone finds your store through Google search results.
    • Meta Keywords: Keywords to help your store get found. Make sure to separate each keyword with commas.
  • Facebook & Twitter Setup:
    • At this time, this information is not needed.

Store Policies

  • Policy Settings:
    • Policy Tab Label:
      • Leave blank and will default to site settings, "Store Policies"
      • Add some personality with your own label for your policies.
    • Complete Policies
      • Shipping: No shipping is available on the site and should be reflected in this policy.
      • Refund
      • Cancellation/Return/Exchange

Customer Support

  • At this time, this information is not publicly visible.

Vacation Mode

  • Enable Vacation Mode
    • Check this when you want to turn on or schedule vacation mode.
  • Disable Purchase During Vacation
    • Plus & Pro Store Owners may want to disable purchases for customizable and appointment products.
  • Vacation Type
    • Choose from dropdown for instant close or to set a date.
  • Vacation Message
    • Leave a brief message for customers looking at your store.

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